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Santa’s gift

I wrote about Shannon writing Santa a letter last month and promptly forgot all about it soon after. When our good friend Agnes came to our home on Christmas Day, she whispered to me that “Santa” had left Shannon a gift under her pillow!

Check out Shannon’s surprise and delight when she found it that night.



It was an automated moneybox, and even her korkor and papa had fun playing with it. She was pleased as punch over the gift. “Santa really came and left me a present!!”

For posterity, I asked her some questions:

Where did Santa come from?

“Outer space!” she said confidently.

Who did he come with?

“Santarina and six reindeers. Not Rudolf, not sure what happened to him” she added.

The best part? She told her brother:

“Korkor, since you like my present so much, you can write Santa a letter next year and maybe he will leave you a present!”

Her brother just rolled his eyes…

Thank you very much for the present, Auntie “Santa” Agnes! 🙂


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