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September 2013


Look at the unadulterated joy on their faces and I miss the holidays already. Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, isn’t it? It’s no wonder this month flew by so quickly especially since I took time off work to spend time with the family during the September holidays. The kids still talk about the ostriches we saw during our Desaru trip, which was just an hour away from Singapore. The trip was made more pleasant because we had a fuss-free journey where the kids entertained themselves with an activity bag. Continue reading


Getting kids to open up

talk head

There are parents who enjoy the infancy and toddler stage of parenting, and then there are parents like me, who prefer the next stage – when the kids are older and more capable of meaningful interaction. Yes, I loved them as babies, and would want to spend every waking moment with them. But now, I finally can “talk” to Jason, 7, and Shannon, 4, and enjoy a good conversation with them. Continue reading

Desaru Highlights


When my husband and I graduated from university in 2001, one of the trips we took with a group of friends was to Desaru in Malaysia. We were young and adventurous then, and decided to cycle all the way there, not realising that the trip would take five hours on rickety bicycles we rented upon reaching Pengarang jetty. Continue reading

Road Trip Activity Bag


We enjoy taking road trips, and learn something new each time we travel as a family. The furthest we’ve gone is from Singapore to Cameron Highlands last year, a ten-hour drive if we were to do it at one go, but we broke it up into small manageable portions seeing we have two young kids in the backseat. Continue reading

Organise and display travel souvenirs

souvenir head

I’m not sure about other kids, but mine are like little collectors when we’re on a trip. They love bringing little souvenirs home. I generally let them, because it keeps them busy and entertained while we’re travelling, and the souvenirs they pick are usually free: shells from the beach, sand or pine cones. The only problem with that is they often lose interest in these items by the time we get home and are caught up with everyday living. Continue reading

No-Sew Art Kit

art kit head

When my classmates in secondary school were learning how to bake cookies and sew stuff, I was in the music room struggling to keep up with the rest of my friends in the Music Elective Programme. I always thought I was missing out on something by not taking up Home Economics in secondary school. It was not until years later that I realised how much I missed out on. I have since learnt to bake and cook, but… I can’t sew! Continue reading

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